Growing up, I had never experienced problems with my skin aside from an occasional pimple now and then. Usually, it was from leaving my make-up on overnight or consuming a little too much sugar that week. It was my junior year of high school when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. As a result of this, I had been put on a steroid called prednisone. As the years have progressed, I began to experience what I would categorize as acne around my chin area. Even after chronic trips to the dermatologist as well as bi-weekly facials, the problem area began to spread. I resorted to covering it up with make-up, but it became detrimental to my self-confidence and one of my biggest insecurities. After meeting with Caterina, she reassured me that she would be able to clear my skin up with only a few visits. During my first visit, she spent as much time necessary to extract everything from my skin- something that I have never experienced before with an esthetician. She genuinely wants to heal your skin and restore your confidence and this is what made my experience with her so special. She sent me home with products catered to my skin type that I could use in the meantime before my next visit, and also asked me to send her pictures of my skin daily to update the progress. She truly loves the “transformation” as she would call it, and beyond just improving your skin; her excitement in assisting you feel great about yourself entirely is undeniable. My experience with Mrs. Castaldo is something that I will never forget and I aspire to be as genuinely passionate about my career someday as much as she is. Because she believes in educating people about skin care, she is always responsive to questions when seeking any further recommendations when it comes to skin care and beauty & this is something that sets her apart from anyone else.


I have been going to Bellezza Si for over 10 years, and I always look forward to seeing Caterina for my treatments. She has become like family to me! If you are looking for glowing, clear, clean skin then Bellezza Si is the place to go. Caterina helped both me and my husband to transform our skin prior to our recent wedding. Both of us are enjoying the fact that our skin looks better than ever! A year before our Big Day, Caterina met with each of us for a consultation. Based upon our unique needs, she created a regimen of facials, enzyme peels and microdermabrasion treatments as well as at home skin care products. Throughout the process, Caterina educated us about our skin and the reason behind each treatment and product she recommended. Her depth of knowledge and pure passion for skincare is tangible. Not only am I hooked on Bellezza Si treatments, I love their products as well! I cannot live without them or Caterina!


- Jamie Cohen

Jamie Cohen
Jamie Cohen
Jamie Cohen

I started going to Bellezza Si and seeing Caterina 8 months before my wedding. She developed a customized plan to transform my skin. Every time I would visit, I received different treatments, including facials and microdermabrasion, and products to suit my skincare needs and leave my skin clear and glowing. She even transformed my eyebrows! On the day of my wedding, my skin was the best it has ever looked. I highly recommend Caterina to any bride to be!   

- Amanda H.  

Dear Caterina,


I am writing to thank you for the wildly successful acne treatment that you've provided for my 17 year old daughter.  A few months ago Anna's acne really flared up and despondent, she insisted on seeing a dermatologist,  "like all her friends did".  She was under a dermatologist's treatment for two months, during which time her sensitive skin actually got worse!  Her visits to the doctor were painful and more redness, increased breakouts that never cleared up and terrible dryness resulted from the topical treatments that he prescribed.  As that was not working, the doctor was beginning to suggest oral medical treatments, which I greatly resisted. Thankfully, that's where you stepped in!  Anna saw you for one significantly more gentle treatment and followed the regime you gave her for one week.  Honestly, Caterina, I couldn't believe the difference.  Her acne was significantly reduced and gone was the inflammation and irritation of her skin. After the treatment you gave her yesterday, her skin looks fabulous today!!  I can't thank you enough and am so relieved not only that Anna's acne is being managed, but that you are helping her do so without prescription drugs or products.I just wanted you to know how grateful we both are to you!



My beautiful daughter has her clear skin and smile back!!!


- Pam Spellman

As a nineteen year old, I thought my struggle with acne would be over by now, but it had gone from bad to worse in the four years I had struggled with it.  I had tried every product out there with no hope of seeing it go away or improve.  When I came to Caterina the very first time, I saw a huge improvement and since that first time four months ago, my skin has become unrecognizable.  It is healthier in appearance and feel that even my family and friends have noticed.  Not only does it make me feel better but it makes me happy knowing that I can control my acne.  Thanks to Caterina I will never be struggling again.  She is the best and I owe her a lifetime of thanks!

- Maureen

Being twenty years old, I can identify with the all too common characteristic of those teenage years: acne. Throughout my teen years, my acne only went from bad to worse, leaving me to fend for myself in a world of dermatologists, over the counter washes, toners, and spot treatments and even prescription medication. But, I never saw significant changes until I came to Caterina for the first time. My skin showed improvement after the very first appointment, and now six months later, my skin is unrecognizable. Caterina has completely transformed my skin to something I can be proud of. Before going to Caterina, I would never have considered myself to have clear skin. But now, I have all the confidence in the world that I have clear skin and it is all thanks to Caterina and Bellezza Si!

- Erin Gilfillan

I recently saw some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. They couldn't believe how great my skin looked and were shocked when I told them I hadn't done anything aside from powerpeels, facials and purchase some new products from an expert aesthetician. I've been to numerous spas in my time and have never seen the results I have received with Caterina. Her expert knowledge, professionalism and passion for taking care of her clients gives me faith that there are still people in the world who are passionate about what they do. My only regret is the time and money that was wasted on sub par salons who claim to know what they are doing.


- Stacey Martin

I have been going to Caterina at Bellezza Si for over a year now and I have seen wonderful changes in my skin, so much so that many of my friends have remarked on it. Bellezza Si has become part of my maintenance program that I wouldn't do without. Caterina has turned back time for me and she is worth every penny.


- Nancy Pickard

The time that you are at Bellezza Si is totally dedicated to you, as is the particular treatment you are having that day.


Caterina creates an nurtures long-term relationships with people who want to care for and protect their skin on a long-term basis. So beware - once you come to Bellezza Si, you will never want another facial from anywhere else again!


- Margaret Stone

I was so impressed by Caterina's knowledge, professionalism, and the amount of time she spent with me.


I have now been a Bellezza Si client for thirteen years and I would never go anywhere else. Caterina has taught me so much about skin care and how to keep my face looking its best. Not only is she a skin-care pro, but a talented make-up artist as well. She taught me the basic tricks of the trade, and even did my makeup on my wedding day. She is the best in the business!


- Alison Megaro

Thank you for the extraordinary experience I've enjoyed throughout all these years at Bellezza Si. You surely surpass all others! No one equals your attention to detail, your knowledge, and your experience. I have been coming to you for fourteen years now, and I still look forward to every appointment.

Each session is an evident extension of your attention to detail and your passion for your work. You have maintained excellent service and never deviated from your high standards.


- Sara Zinckgraf

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